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Working Your Way Through College

Working Your Way Through College

  • The road ahead of you will be well worth it, but like anything good you must do some hard work to get to the end of that road. Working your way through college may be hard, but at the end it is a rewarding experience. Always remember, however, that while you are working your education is your highest priority. Your job should never make you come to work over going to school. If you work in a place like that then you should consider changing your employment place to one that appreciates your college education. A job should never come first before class or any class required activities. How you juggle extracurricular activities will be up to you. Also, remember that while you are working you are also paying for your education, which is just another good reason to go to class.

    Depending on your degree, you may choose to find employment in an area that compliments your major. Gaining on the job experience while going to college is an awesome way to insure that you really want to pursue that career. You will get an idea of how you would feel working for that company for an extended period of time. You will also
    get a taste of what life is like on a daily basis in that career. You will be able to make well-informed decisions on your major and degree plan. For example, if you are going to veterinarian school and you a pre-vet major, you would be wise to find local veterinarians who could use some help and will work around your school schedule. If you are an aspiring journalist or mass communications major, then you should look into part-time jobs at your
    local newspapers, radio stations and new stations. Many colleges also have their own broadcasting networks in the college that employ college students or require working there as classes or labs.

    You are bound to find many hardships while working your way through college and it is always a good idea to have a plan. Students should develop a budget and insure that they will be able to pay their rent, buy groceries, necessities and school supplies. Students should also consider saving as much money as possible while attending school. Base your work hours and your school schedule upon this budget. You will be able to figure out how many hours you will need to work per week to live happily.

    Jobs that generally work well with school schedules are restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores and on-campus jobs. These jobs usually hire part-time employees and are generally flexible with your work hours. Other employers that are in your major will generally work with students to help them out and help them gain experience. They are usually excited to see students who want to enter their field and will provide you with as much information as possible. On-campus jobs are great because you can have your pay goes towards paying for your dorm and other school expenses. If those expenses are already paid for, then they will pay you directly and they have no choice but to work with your academic schedule.

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